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Jack White is a genius



Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers w/ Lena Dunham 

love me some interpretive/modern dance. if performing interpretive dance for people’s music videos was a paying career, i would 100% do it for a living - since it’s already what i do in the privacy of my own room. 


Watch Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Jamie Foxx answer unscripted fan questions »

Jamie Foxx third-wheeling hardcore here. this is too funny.

Sarah Jessica Parker answers all of our questions (well, 73 of them at least) revealing everything from her distaste for parsley, love of Greece, and bias of globes that glow. And what is kokoreç?

love her so.

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FIRST KISS: We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time…

"What’s your name again?"


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DP/30: 12 Years A Slave, Lupita Nyong’o

absolutely brimming for love of Lupita. a wonderfully insightful interview.

Polica - I Need $ / So Leave

Better Living Through Chemistry Trailer

more trailer browsing. 

The Pretty One Trailer

trailer scoping. can’t wait for this one. 

Be Cool - A Public Service Announcement


Kelli Anderson from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

because everyone should have nightly inspiration (this is so worth your while).

file under: always funny

Local Natives- You & I (Wood & Wires) from Adrian Vieni (Wood & Wires) on Vimeo.


Local Natives / You & I Presents: Little Dragon "Little Man" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.


yukimi is a goddess

Emma Stone and Allison Janney: Hilarious Speech about Octavia Spencer at Elle Party

best rabbit hole find of the night