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The One I Love Official Trailer 


Trailer for Obvious Child

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Better Living Through Chemistry Trailer

more trailer browsing. 

The Pretty One Trailer

trailer scoping. can’t wait for this one. 

Don Jon’s Addiction - Written and Directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Lincoln Official Movie Trailer


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Somebody Up There Likes Me Trailer

i’m so on board with this

Celeste and Jesse Forever (in theatres August 3)

At long last the trailer arrives!

I had the privilege of watching this film at the Sundance screening in Boston and it is certainly I film I enjoyed and would recommend. I wrote a reflection a few months ago (with no spoilers) on the movie and experience, which I would be glad to have you all take a look at. Lastly, I just wanted to set expectations, namely that I would not classify this as a romantic comedy. I wouldn’t even consider this a “light” movie. That said, it is wonderful and humorous, just in a way that I believe the general public won’t readily gather from the casting decisions and even the trailer. 

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how is this the first i’m seeing this!? brilliance!

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Little Birds Trailer is out FINALLY!

Take This Waltz Trailer!

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Trailer for “Dark Shadows” 

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Being Flynn looks sooo good. 

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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Trailer

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